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Congress '19 Heads to Tokyo, Japan, December 2-5

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP), is pleased to announce that Congress '19 will be held in Tokyo, Japan, with the generous support of host broadcaster NHK. The dynamic four-day event that brings together creators of science, history and natural history content with top broadcasters, OTT platforms and digital publishers, will be held at the Miraikan, Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, from December 2-5.

“We’re thrilled to bring Congress back to one of the world’s most exciting and innovative cities,” said Paul Lewis, WCSFP Conference Director. “With the strong support of our long-standing partner NHK, our delegates are guaranteed not just an unforgettable insight into the Asian market, but a conference filled with inspiring content, leading edge technology and stunning cultural experiences.”

“The WCSFP is without a doubt the industry’s premier event for stakeholders engaged in the production and broadcast of science, history, and specialist-factual entertainment contents,” said Keizo Izuta, NHK’s Head of Science Programs Division. “With the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games approaching, it is our great pleasure to be able to host this event here in Tokyo. We look forward to stimulating sessions, networking events and also to showcasing this region’s unique contents and cutting-edge broadcast technologies including our latest 4K and 8K UHD shows.”

NHK is Japan's sole public broadcaster. Funded by the fees it receives from Japanese households, it has a reputation for high-quality programming through its six channels. Known as the pioneer of HD, it has recently launched two new channels, one in 4K and the other in 8K. NHK has a passion for contributing to society through its science programs using cutting-edge technologies, sometimes even developing new devices in-house.

世界 科学・ファクチュアル制作者会議 2019年大会は 東京で開催

12月2日‐5日 会場:日本科学未来館

世界科学・ファクチュアル制作者会議(WCSFP)は、第27回となる2019年大会を、日本放送協会(NHK)をホスト放送局として、東京で開催することを決定しました。 12月2日(月)‐5日(木)の4日間、世界の科学・自然・歴史・ドキュメンタリー番組の制作者、放送局、配信プラットフォームが、日本科学未来館に集います。

WCSFP議長 ポール・ルイス 「世界でも最も先端的な都市・東京で、再び会議を開催できることにとてもワクワクしています。長年にわたって協力関係にあるNHKのサポートで、参加者は、刺激的なコンテンツ、最先端の技術、アジアのマーケット、そして日本の素晴らしい文化に触れることができるでしょう。」

東京大会 ホスト事務局長 出田恵三(NHK制作局 科学・環境番組部長) 「WCSFPは、世界の制作者やビジネスパートナーと議論を交わし、交流できる貴重な場です。東京オリンピック・パラリンピック前夜となる年に、大会を東京で開催できることは大変光栄です。参加者の皆さんに、日本の独創的なコンテンツや4K8K等最新の放送技術を体験していただきたいと思います。」

世界科学・ファクチュアル制作者会議(WCSFP)とは 科学・ノンフィクション番組の向上を目的とする、非営利の会員組織。運営は、常任の理事会と、投票によって選ばれる編集委員によって行われている。毎年、世界の各都市で大会を開催し、各国の制作者が集って経験や知見を共有し、その責務について議論する。 2018年大会は、オーストラリア・ブリスベンで開催。科学・自然・歴史そしてあらゆるノンフィクション番組に携わる制作者、放送局、配信プラットフォーム、クリエイター、技術者、研究者など、世界から500人以上が集った。 大会の運営実務は、WCSFPから委託を受けた、カナダのドキュメンタリー映画祭運営団体Hot Docsが執り行う。

WCSFP Appoints Paul Lewis as Conference Director

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP) is pleased to announce that Paul Lewis has been named to the new full-time position of Conference Director. A founding board member for the organization and the former president and general manager of Discovery Canada, Paul will assume leadership of the editorial direction and business management of the organization’s annual Congress. In collaboration with the WCSFP Board and Hot Docs, the event organizers, he will also help shape the vision and strategic direction for the event.

Paul Lewis is a television executive and consultant with more than three decades of broadcasting and production experience. As president and general manager of the Discovery business in Canada, Paul created, developed and commissioned some of the world's most ambitious and successful factual television and digital content. He launched the world's first daily science program, Daily Planet, executive produced documentary series and live specials and partnered with international broadcasters during Discovery Canada's most significant period of growth and expansion—leading it to become the most watched factual channel in the country. Paul oversaw the launch of five television networks and was also responsible for their related websites and social media platforms, an in-house production company and a distribution business. Most recently Paul was president of Strategic Growth at Great Pacific Media (GPM)—an award-winning production company with a strong reputation for storytelling and ratings success.

Paul's television career began as a journalist at Canada's public broadcaster, CBC, working on news and current affairs programs. He's a founding Board member of the Canadian Science Media Centre of Canada and he's also the consultant in-chief for the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival, China's biggest and most established documentary festival. He's a regular speaker, judge and panelist at international markets and festivals.