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Science on Netflix

Take a look at original science programming on the world's leading streaming service with Jason Spingarn-Koff, director of Original Documentary Programming for Netflix.

Session moderated and produced by Richard Melman (Spring Films).

New MythBusters Come to Congress

We're thrilled to welcome MythBusters Brian Louden and Jon Lung to Congress. Brian and Jon will hosts of this year's What's the Buzz?, our annual round-up of the hottest trends in science, history and non-fiction media.

Session produced by Andreas Gutzeit and Swantje Oppermann (Story House Productions).

Programming Update: Congress Dragons' Den

Who will be content king? Five of the most innovative producers present their business models to you: the Congress Dragons. Each believe they have a strategy to make them one of the world's top 10 richest producers by 2022, but they need to convince you. Choose right and you'll have the keys to the future of content; choose wrong and you'll be on the TV scrap heap. Ask anything you want—moderator John Farren (Alleycats TV) will ensure they answer honestly. If they want your backing, they have to share their secrets.

Session produced by Emma Parkins (Alleycats TV).

John Ford & Jim Louderback on the US Landscape

The 2017 Congress is pleased to welcome John Ford, current NPACT general manager and former Discovery Channel president and National Geographic Channel executive VP of programming, and Jim Louderback, current Vidcon CEO and former Discovery Digital Networks general manager and Revision3 CEO. John and Jim will provide an overview of science and non-fiction programming in the US, including new platforms and collaborations that are broadening and changing the landscape.

Session moderated and produced by Paul Heaney (TCB Media Rights) and Bridget Hunnicutt (Hunni Media).

Silicon Valley speakers to open Congress

On November 29, the Congress will kick off with Obi Felten and Jane McGonigal as they share insights into how Silicon Valley fosters creativity and nurtures ideas, and offer creative techniques that will lead to more effective and imaginative storytelling. As a director at X (formerly Google[x]), the team behind self-driving cars, delivery drones and internet from balloons, Obi Felten is responsible for getting “moonshot” projects from the lab into the real world, or making sure they fail fast. As director of Game Research and Development at the Institute for the Future, Jane McGonigal is a world-renowned creator of games designed to solve real problems and change real lives, with a current focus on the far future and greater creativity, empathy and well-being.

Session produced by Anna Davies (Arrow Media).

The New York Times Company CEO Mark Thompson Comes to Congress

The WCSFP is pleased to welcome Mark Thompson as one of this year's Sparks of Inspiration, a series of sessions featuring groundbreakers. President and CEO of The New York Times Company, former director-general of BBC and former chief executive at Channel 4, Mark will discuss the challenges the digital world presents to the media, the strategy he has put in place at The New York Times and how to stay ahead in the era of fake news. And, as head of one of the White House press room's most loathed institutions, he'll be sharing his take on Trump—both as lunch guest and president.

Session moderated by Sara Ramsden (Channel 4) and produced by Dinah Lord (Caravan Media).