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Speed Dating

Speed Dating is a great way for independent producers to connect one-on-one with decision makers. Congress staff conduct some preliminary matchmaking to make the encounters more rewarding for both parties; however, in the spirit of building networks and contacts, we ask the participating decision makers to pre-select the projects that they find interesting—but they don't know who or where they came from until their face-to-face meeting.

Producers will receive their Speed Dating schedules on November 23.


Applications are now open, with a final deadline of Friday, October 27.

Registered members can apply via the Online Community.

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View participating decision makers - updated November 23.

Close Encounters of the Funding Kind

The popular Close Encounters of the Funding Kind offers small group meetings with individual broadcasters, platforms and funders, all of whom either commission science and history programs from independent producers outside their own territories or who provide significant funding or support. Designed to be intimate and interactive, the numbers are strictly limited and access is given on a first-come, first-served basis.