Paul Lewis

Conference Director (Canada)


Wanting Lei

Program Coordinator (Canada)


Craig Colby

Executive Producer (Canada)


Editorial Advisory Committee

The WCSFP Editorial Advisory Committee works with the Board, conference director and event organizers to help inform, support and achieve strategic editorial objectives in the programming offered at the annual conference. If you are interested in joining the Editorial Advisory Committee, please contact the WCSFP conference director Paul Lewis at [email protected].

Alison Leigh

Leigh Brown Productions (Australia)

Senior Consultant

Connor Boals

Underknown (Canada)


Tom Brisley

Arrow Media (UK)


Vikram Channa

Discovery Networks (Singapore)


Alexandria Christos

Red Rock Films (South Africa)


Lee Constable

Presenter/Producer (Australia)


Fabrice Esteve

YUZU Productions (France)


Gabrielle Ewing

PBS Digital Studios (USA)


Hiroaki Katayama

NHK (Japan)


Noel Kok

NEWF (South Africa)


Maia Krall Fry

Creative UK (UK)


Jim Louderback

VidCon (USA)


Joseph Maxwell

SBS (Australia)


Kay Meseberg

ARTE G.E.I.E. (France/Germany)


Mikael Österby

SVT (Sweden)


Charlie Parsons

National Geographic Channel (USA)


Sonya Pemberton

Genepool Productions (Australia)


Chantal Payette

Whatever Media Inc. (USA)


Caroline Perez

Discovery (USA)


Abigail Priddle

BBC Studios Productions (UK)


Nicolás Schonfeld

TAL (Argentina)


Justin Shaifer

FascinateSci LLC (USA)


Jackie Williamson

BBC Studios (UK)


Long Xiao

FreshPitch (China)


Simon Young