November 29 - December 1, San Francisco

World Congress of Science and Factual Producers

WCSFP Announces New Editorial Committee Members

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers is a non-profit, member-run organization. In registering for the event, members are entitled to vote in the organization’s elections. During this year’s Congress, Editorial Committee nominations and elections took place and, at the closing plenary on December 8, the successful candidates were announced.

The new Editorial Committee members are:

  • Iain Dodgeon, Wellcome (UK)
  • Fabrice Esteve, Yuzu Productions (France)
  • Rosario López, Cabala Productions (Chile)
  • Michael McMahon, Primitive Entertainment (Canada)

The newly elected members will join existing Editorial Committee members Patrick Hörl, Tom McDonald, Charlie Parsons and Josephine Wright, along with re-elected member Takeshi Shibasaki.

We thank outgoing representatives Paula S. Apsell, Steve Burns, David Dugan, Joseph Maxwell, Fabrice Puchault, Nakedi Ribane and Ed Sayer, as well as our host representative Mikael Österby and Swedish producer representative Malcolm Dixelius, for their tremendous contributions.

WCSFP Honours Thomas Zwiessler

The WCSFP thanks outgoing Board member Thomas Zwiessler for his years of passionate support, invaluable contributions and tremendous guidance. A long-time member, Thomas has been instrumental in shaping the Congress, including producing two What’s the Buzz? sessions.

Programming Update: Living History on Trial

As broadcasters struggle to find new ways to bring history to life, this year’s Congress will put the living history genre to the test. The WCSFP is thrilled to welcome 72 Films' David Glover as the prosecution and BBC’s Michael Mosley as defence for The Trial: Living History—Dead or Alive. Session produced by Windfall Films’ Joe Myerscough.

Programming Update: Climate Change—Stories of Hope

“It is only the shortage of good stories that keeps climate change off the TV,” claims a top British broadcaster.

In light of this, we’re thrilled to welcome Jeremy Leggett, author, seasoned climate change campaigner, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid, and chairman of Carbon Tracker, to the 2016 Congress. Jeremy will share good climate change stories with us, potential ratings winners that broadcasters will want to buy.

Programming Update: The Search for Factfulness

The WCSFP is thrilled to welcome Ola Rosling, Swedish statistician, chairman, director and co-founder of the Gapminder, and leading developer of Trendalyzer bubble infographic software, to the 2016 event. In a year that has seen an astonishing rise in populist politics readily built on false claims, a denial of fact and a trashing of expertise and evidence, Rosling will present a refreshingly fact-based world view during The Urgent Path to ‘Factfulness’ session.

Programming Update: Author Liza Marklund Comes to Congress

The WCSFP is thrilled to announce that international best-selling Swedish crime writer Liza Marklund will join us in Stockholm to give us her perspective on why Nordic Noir has taken over the world and what inspiration this genre can offer the factual storyteller.

Programming Update: The Vikings are Coming

How much do we really know about the Vikings, and how has television helped or hindered the myths and stereotypes? We’re thrilled to announce that screenwriter, producer and creator of A&E’s long-running series Vikings Michael Hirst, along with archaeologist Neil Price and journalist Kristina Ekero Eriksson, will be at Congress 2016 to help us find out. Session produced by Clare Birks and Alice Keens-Soper of Oxford Scientific Films.

Programming Update: Victoria Dyring & Derek Muller to Host What's the Buzz?

The WCSFP is thrilled to announce the 2016 What's the Buzz? session will be hosted by Victoria Dyring, host of The World of Science on SVT, and Derek Muller, creator and host of top YouTube channel Veritasium. Victoria and Derek will take us through the year's hottest hits and biggest trends in our annual round-up of science, history and factual programming. The session will be produced by Paul Lewis and Great Pacific Media.

2016 Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

The WCSFP Board of Directors and newly formed 2016 Editorial Committee are delighted to announce that next year’s Congress will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, in December 2016, and will be generously hosted by SVT and Kunskapskanalen. Join your colleagues in the home of the Nobel Prize. Host hotel and event dates will be announced in January.