Editorial Advisory Committee Appointments

The WCSFP Editorial Advisory Committee works with the Board, conference director and event organizers to help inform, support and achieve strategic editorial objectives in the programming offered at the annual conference.

Members of the new WCSFP Editorial Advisory Committee are appointed by the Board from the membership and other identified stakeholder groups that may currently be underrepresented in the membership. Candidates will be considered and appointed based on their ability to support the conference director in addressing key editorial objectives of the strategic plan, as well as on their potential to offer diverse perspectives to help shape dynamic programming that reflects and engages a broader membership. There is no limit to the number of terms an Editorial Advisory Committee representative may serve.

If you are interested in joining the Editorial Advisory Committee, please contact the WCSFP conference director Paul Lewis at [email protected].

We are especially interested representatives who work in digital media creation, digital distribution (including OTT platforms), gaming, social media, podcasting, and new and emerging technologies being used to communicate smart content. The Committee also seeks to represent the interests of a diverse group of stakeholders, and so we are actively recruiting for members who are emerging professionals or ‘junior executives’ (<35 years old), are based in Asia or the southern hemisphere, or who otherwise bring original thinking and connections to specialized communities and networks.

Additionally, if any members wish to be considered for a seat on the WCSFP Board of Directors, they are also encouraged to contact us.